Leicestershire Supertour
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26 June 2016
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1167Duncan Walkey02:58:45All Ages1Male1
2135Chris Reeson02:58:47All Ages2Male2
3163John Thompson03:16:39All Ages3Male3
417Mark Boothman03:18:27All Ages4Male4
523Paul Brown03:42:11All Ages5Male5
699Lee Marlow03:42:12All Ages6Male6
742Rob Croot04:07:22All Ages7Male7
865Iain Harber04:09:41All Ages8Male8
916Nigel Blundell04:25:59All Ages9Male9
10169Helen Ward04:27:45All Ages1Female1
112Stuart Adlington04:32:39All Ages10Male10
1235Donald Colin Macnab04:32:42All Ages11Male11
1322Jonathan Brown04:36:40All Ages12Male12
14142Jenny Rutter04:45:29All Ages2Female2
15178Blan Willis04:45:30All Ages3Female3
16133Peter Price04:45:31All Ages13Male13
17179Richard Willis04:45:32All Ages14Male14
18172Derek Watts05:06:07All Ages15Male15
1972Andrew Holmes05:06:09All Ages16Male16
2049Robert Dumelow05:09:42All Ages17Male17
21182Peter Wright05:09:43All Ages18Male18
2295Joe Lyons05:11:43All Ages19Male19
2394Yang Lu05:19:11All Ages20Male20
24147Hannah Sharpe05:21:46All Ages4Female4
2547David Drury05:21:47All Ages21Male21
2680Sarah Johns05:21:47All Ages5Female5
277Graeme Ashford06:13:33All Ages22Male22
2876Deirdre Jackson06:26:06All Ages6Female6
2932Rachel Christie06:30:14All Ages7Female7
30131Philip Pratt06:42:13All Ages23Male23
Page 1 of 1 (30 items)

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